Today I Believe…

  • That pride can be a person’s biggest downfall.
  •  As people age in maturity, they begin to realize that what they themselves do, will affect them more than what anyone else can say or do.
  • We hold onto the pieces of our life that aren’t “right,” because the story behind them hasn’t or isn’t ending the way we want it to.
  • Fear is immobilizing. Fear and possibility can force you to turn away from the right path in favor of something easier, something that’s more familiar, even if it’s something that leaves you feeling hopeless.
  •  People can “move on,” but even in doing so, they cannot honestly bring themselves to completely walking away from particular situations and/or someones.
  • Certain instances in life are build-ups. Sometimes what’s wrong doesn’t have to happen at that immediate moment, but one day, whatever it is that isn’t right, can be brought so clearly to your attention.
  •  Sometimes the most reasonable thing one can do is to shut off your emotions to those situations. Because think about it.. What is crying, yelling-screaming, and/or cursing and carrying on going to do for anyone? Especially you.
  • Simplicity and peace of mind are such easy phrases, but those of the rarest to come by.
  • Healing takes time. Sometimes a lot of time, but nevertheless is very possible.
  • That sincere, and I mean real sincere gentleness and kindness still exist in people, things and every day moments.
 You need to be happy enough with yourself to let someone else help you.
That it’s the opening up, the welcoming of love and ease and trust , that leads you to look back and feel like the timing was perfect. Even when it wasn’t.

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