McQueen in 2013

Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 Collection:

It’s Resort release season!

Along with other well renowned designers like Marchesa, Rochas, Peter Pilotto, and Versace, to name a few, Alexander McQueen was one of the most impressive of them yet with their 2013 collection.
McQueen never seems to fall the least bit short when it comes to expressing his ideas from lookbook to runway.
This prior weekend, partnered with Sarah Burton, currently creative director of fashion brand Alexander McQueen, Alexander McQueen released their latest line for the year 2013.
The general goal of resort line wear usually concentrates on bringing vacation-inspired garments to the fashion scene. However, McQueen’s 2013 line seems to go above and beyond the status-quo by bringing extravagant and sophisticated patters to the scene while maintaining the label’s notoriety for impeccable craftsmanship and uniqueness.
The line’s themes were based around the idea of David Bowie’s (English musician, actor, record producer and arranger) phase of gender-blurring Glam rock early seventies phase, Art Deco, and the gilded paintings of the Viennese Secessionist Gustav Klimt.
There are bold splashes of a tad more than usually seen femininity brought to life in these fabulously detailed garments.
Burton managed to mix elegant feminine pieces with retro-twist jumpers and masculine inspired suits, this bringing to the fashion scene the diversity that is highly necessary in fashion as not everyone can rock the same fashion styles.
When asked about her general goal in the creation of this line she says: “I wanted to bring everything back to the body. The proportions are extreme: high waists, an elongated leg, a peaked shoulder. There’s a harder, more precise, masculine edge that’s a reaction to the roundness and the sickly-sweet femininity of the last collection.”

McQueen’s 2013 expresses trendy and high class in every design and outfit, be it gown or suit.

Bravo Burton and McQueen!

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