Holmes and Cruise Call It Quits

With Adele’s exciting news in the announcement of starting a new family, the Cruise’s are on the opposite end of the spectrum, having gone public to announce their agreement to file for divorce.


Reports say that it was Holmes whom initially filed for divorce, with Cruise falling into agreement that the two should go their separate ways.
With their reputation of 5 years of marriage and their 6 year old daughter Suri hanging in the balance, Holmes and Cruise have still decided to call it quits, declaring their divorce official through both individual’s attorney’s.
Time Magazine is asking the question of, “Well, what happens now?”
Well for starters:
– According to the terms of their prenuptial agreement, Katie Holmes could be awarded up to $3 million for each year that they were married; up to a possible $33 million. If their marriage had lasted more than 11 years, Holmes would have received half of Cruises’s reportedly $250 million fortune.
– Outside of this being Tom’s 3rd divorce in a 25 year span (Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers), Katie Holmes is “responsibly,” filing for custody over their daughter Suri, in which paper were filed Thursday. If Holmes wins custody of their daughter, the child support payments she’s entitled to could prove to be pretty costly.
Sadly, with this Hollywood couple’s marriage, holding mark as having one of the Top Ten Most Lavished Weddings, with now a possible custody battle on the rise, the two seem to express how deeply sadden they are that it has had to come to this.
And with Tom Cruise’s exasperated couch jumping moment, I’m sure the man has got to be kicking himself right now.
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