Berlin Expression

Based in the urban outskirts of Berlin, Rocco Malatesta is a freelance artist, designer, and illustrator.
Personally designing and illustrating anything from posters, brochures, books, annual reports to user interface, brand identity systems, and advertising, Malatesta proves that his talents aren’t limited to solely minimal colors and simple sketch pads.
Though independently an owner and producer of all of his work, Rocco has designed some very original and captivating works of art that could become vastly popular not only in Berlin, but world wide very soon.
Keep an eye out for this busy Berlin man of bold craft and artistry.
SCAR - product images  of
GRAN TORINO - product images  of
21 GRAMS - product images  of BRONX - THE DOOR TEST - product images  of 23 - product images  of CAPE FEAR - product images  of BLOW - product images  of

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