Oddisee – People Hear What They See

June 11th, 2012 marks Sudanese/American rapper/producer Oddisee’s official debut album People Hear What They See.
If the first song on the album doesn’t get you immediately hyped and excited, then keep listening. This  man is very talented.
The few tracks that have that real classic hip-hop feel and oldie sample-made current, give this album the finesse to ride to.
With the perfect mix of instrumentals, turn-table mixing, and rhymes, you’ll be more than happy to have People Hear What They See in your music library and on you music listening device.
If people truly hear what they see, then they must see this album over and over again!
Track List:
01 – Ready To Rock
02 – Do It All
03 – That Real
04 – Let It Go
05 – American Greed
06 – The Need Superficial
07 – Way In Way Out
08 – Maybes
09 – Another’s Grind
10 – Set You Free
11 – You Know Who You Are
12 – Think Of Things
Stream Album: http://www.mostlyjunkfood.com/stream-oddisees-people-hear-what-they-see-album/
Credit for Album art: http://newalbumreleases.net/46319/oddisee-people-hear-what-they-see-2012/#more-46319

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