Lifestyle of Urbaners

Born on the 17th of February; the year 1980, in Velletri (Rome) Matteo Giachetti was thrown into the lifestyle of art. At the age of seventeen, following in the foot steps of his father, Matteo began working as a ametueur photographer. In the year of 2004, Giachetti graduated with the IED School of Art Diploma in photography, and in that same year begins working for a London based company, widly known as Film Studio London with video editing; using the Final Cut Pro application throughout his work.

Now a sucessful artist and business man, Matteo continues to develop and enhance his skills in his own personal photography and artistry.
His work expresses that of the rural and urban life of real people in their real scenery.
Whether it be a fancy get-up or humble street scene, Giachetti is there, lens hot and camera ready.
Celio H. BarretoIndependent Curator & Art Entrepreneur had this to say about Mr. Giachetti’s work: 

“The explosive collage approach of this artist brings a heightened sense of dynamism and chaos to his compositions. It is a real treat to see how iconic images are treated through the extensive use of overlaid transparent image layers and how the various elements within them interact and mix with each other. The sharp color contrasts and seemingly random patterns that form around the main subject energize the final image with a sense of movement and fluidity. Every inch of the picture plane is rich in detail and vibrant colors. Really beautiful work.”
For a continuation and deeper look at more of Matteo’s work please check out:

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