Nat King Cole – The Latin Hits

Though born 24 years post the beginning of  the Great Jazz Era, and debuting his first musical recording 17 years later, Nat King Cole is still recognized as one of the founding father’s of Jazz and Blues.
You must know that a musician such as Cole was and is still holding rank of legendary. 
Many of his classic work has been remastered, and upon being released is set at the top of the Jazz genre chart.

Released on June 5th is Cole’s latest remastered album. 
Holding 11 phenomenal tracks of vivacious and melodious, Latin-zest, jazzified-music.
01 – Cachito
02 – Maria Elena
03 – Quizas, quizas, quizas
04 – Las Mananitas
05 – Acercate mas
06 – El bodeguero
07 – Arrivederci Roma
08 – Noche de ronda
09 – Tu, me delirio
10 – Te quiero, dijiste
11 – Adelita

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