Finesse of a Florist

Of course we aren’t literally speaking of the occupation of everyday flower tending.
However, we’d like to shine some light on your desire to express the inner lady in you this season; particularly the part that loves the lavish of floral patterns and prints.
It’s no secret that Spring and Summer wear are interchangeably in the quality of being seasonally chic.
Both possess the fluency brought on by light and bright fabrics, along with vibrant colors that compliment an array of skin tones.
Giving you the option of wearing them on-top, paired, or entirely throughout your outfit.
The versatility of these flower-power patterns and prints seem to be endless with them selling anywhere from high-end to common retail stores.
Showing to be fair for both sides of the spectrum; from big spenders to the savvy shoppers.
Along with the blossoming spring/summer trends of contrasting colors and color-blocking, from brights to pastel, floral prints and patterns fit right into the niche of showing off your feminine side that will leave you receiving compliments day in and day out.
Read and view more trends for this season on: and
Annabelle: Botinical Brights (Opportuno Venecia cashmere & silk-blend dress, Zara blazer & heels, Ann Taylor Large Leather clutch, ASOS claw ring, spike stretch bracelet & skinny cross bangle)
Alexandria: Finesse of a Florist (Karin Stevens cotton & chiffon-blend dress, Forever 21 accessories – {flower/pearl ring, silver accented pearl bracelet, faux pearl necklace} Sam and Libby nude heels)

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