A Warm Welcome

To You: From Me

First post are always the way to start, right?

With Peter White’s – Lullaby, on replay, I think I’ll manage a paragraph or so.

So hello out there to whomever has stuck around and begun to read this.

I would start out with my name and such, however, if you’ve taken the time to look around at this newly developing and possibly very blank blog, you’d notice somewhere that it says Alexandria.

Presumably that would be I and thus the introduction is on it’s feet.

I would like to believe that I lack the ability to be boring and un-intriguing, however, I’m sure everyone has their moments. There shall be very few of those here.

Before I go on any kind of rampage of self expression or personal opinion on topics from here to the moon,  I would like to simply say these few words.

Welcome to my blog.

I hope that your stay is pleasant.

Please come again if you so please for your company is significant and appreciated.

Above and Through. Over and Out.


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